Plastic Surgery Articles

We take pride in our reputation as a leading authority on plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. We want every patient to be thoroughly educated and completely at ease with the treatments they are considering.

  • Alternatives to shaving and waxing, IPL and laser are two very effective procedures for long-term hair removal. In addition to preventing hair from re-growing, both treatment methods reduce growth speed and thickness of remaining hair. They work in similar ways: Light energy heats and damages the hair follicle, slowing down and eventually preventing hair growth. Multiple treatments are usually necessary. The main difference is the light source. Lasers are single beams of intense, one-color light that can be focussed into… More

  • The forehead is especially susceptible to signs of aging, simply because it’s so expressive. Surprise, concern, interest, disbelief, anger, joy and the majority of other human emotions all transform the brow and shift the eyebrows. Repetitive expressions over many years eventually become wrinkles, and wrinkles eventually become deep creases. These “memory lines” in the forehead have a tendency to make a person look concerned, stern, or just older than they actually are. TREATMENT Muscles tend to work in opposing directions.… More

  • A powerful and protective muscle surrounds the eye. In a split-second, it can squeeze the area shut, completely closing and shielding the pupil from harm. It’s also a very expressive muscle. Squinting, smiling and other facial emotions engage this area of the face hundreds of times per day. With decades of folding and refolding skin can develop noticeable wrinkles. Crows feet are wrinkles that radiate from the corners of the eyes. They are harmless and completely natural, but can make… More

  • It’s important to understand that breast implants are not permanent. Given enough time, things in the body change, and additional surgery may be required. Time isn’t the only cause of implant problems; we occasionally treat patients who have received less-than-perfect augmentations and need help to improve or correct any issues, or we see people who have been in accidents that have caused damage to their implants. The three most common issues are: capsule hardening, implant rupturing, and implant displacement. CAPSULE HARDENING… More

  • It’s our goal to get to the truth behind the hype, and to help patients make the best decisions for their health, appearance and well-being. Patients usually choose to have cosmetic surgery because they want, not because they need, the procedure. These personal choices are often influenced by stereotypes and aggressive marketing that can contain confusing and misleading information. For example: the “latest and greatest” in medicine is actually an oxymoron, because the newest things are always the least proven. What makes us able to understand if something is… More

  • After your operation, it’s important to let your body rest for at least 48 hours to avoid bleeding or increased swelling. Don’t do any overhead lifting for 3 to 4 weeks. Drink plenty of water, and slowly progress to other clear liquids such as tea or juice. Drinking ginger ale is good for nausea. Eat light foods as you can tolerate, and resume your regular diet after 2 days. Take medications according to the instructions on the bottle. If you’re… More

  • It is very critical that you do not perform any maneuvers that will generate a sudden rise in blood pressure the day after surgery. Examples are a constipated bowel movement, sudden coughing fit, or bending over and reaching down to tie a shoelace. Keep your head elevated for the first two days after surgery. An easy way to do this would be using two pillows or a rolled blanket under the head of the mattress. Keep your head in a… More