Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery, or Rhinoplasty, also commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. There are a few reasons why individuals choose to change their noses surgically. Some people are unhappy with its appearance, such as with the size of the nose or with other features, such as a prominent hump, large rounded tip, or excessive nasal wideness. Others may have experienced a trauma, such as a car accident or another distressing event causing physical harm, and that trauma led to a deformity they seek to correct.


During our initial meeting with you about your rhinoplasty, we discover what you hope to achieve. We’ll tell you about the approaches we suggest making and the results that you could expect. Keep in mind that each patient’s nasal structure is unique, as are your skin and your surrounding facial features. This means that you can’t select a nose out of a book or magazine, asking the doctor to give you that one, and expect a reputable physician to comply readily. The reason for this is that another person may have a very different facial and nasal structure than you have. Our surgeon will advise you of the best possible outcome for your surgery.

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