Let our professionals introduce you to a revolutionary procedure in the anti-aging battle–microneedling, a collagen induction therapy designed to be minimally invasive with rapid results and quick recovery time. Utilizing the latest Skin Pen technology, our staff is able to provide in-office treatments that show results almost immediately and to a wider variety of clientele than previous options.

SkinPen has been proven highly effective for a number of dermatological issues including: wrinkles, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, large pores, lax skin, loss of resiliency, and acne scars. The rapid results are achieved through a process called microneedling. This is where a precision cartridge of ultra-fine needles is used to pierce the skin into the dermis triggering the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. Sounds painful, right? It is not.

The procedure itself starts with a special facial numbing solution designed to make the process as painless as possible. The SkinPen uses the microneedles. This piercing stimulates a cascade of growth that is further invigorated with a hydrating B5 gel, penetrating deep into skin through the new microchannels. The combination of the facial numbing solution and microneedles have had many customers describe the sensation as a slight tingling or relaxing facial massage, with the added benefit of skin improvement.

Previous options included treatments such as lasers or chemical peels, both of which require sedatives to reduce the pain levels. Each option has been proven to have undesirable long-term results. Ablative lasers cause noticeable changes to skin pigmentation. After laser treatment, the face at first turns very red and eventually turns a pale white. When you denature the collagen, as is done with ablative lasers, the new collagen growth is white. The effect lasts indefinitely and is even noticeable through makeup.  The same type of discoloration occurs with use of “deep” chemical peels. Each of these procedures has longer recuperation times, up to a year or more.

The healing time for a SkinPen treatment by comparison is almost non-existent. It is often normal for patient’s skin to have lost all redness and the majority of swelling within the first four days of treatment. The rejuvenating effects are clearly noticeable, longer lasting, and free of the pigmentation problems prevalent in previously available treatments.


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