Dermaplane Delux

Dermaplane Delux

$150 EACH, 3 FOR $425

Our Dermaplaning Delux procedure is a multi-step process that combines manual exfoliation, specialized chemical peel and an optional cryogenic therapy to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, laxity, dullness and other skin imperfections. The Dermaplaning process creates firmer skin, improving both texture and radiance, and reduces sebum (oil) production while the chemical peels are optimized solutions formulated for gently resurfacing the skin by removing the outer epidermis and stimulating collagen growth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, correct hyperpigmentation, improve texture and remove skin impurities. It can leave your skin softer, smoother, glowing and healthier.


Your Delux package begins with our staff ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable. A special misting wand is used to apply a gentle oxygenated steam to opens follicles and help destroy any bacteria, ideal for combating acne. Optional aromatherapies are available to be added to the steam to stimulate or calm cells. Your face, neck, and upper chest area are then prepared for the next step using a special Clarisonic ultrasonic brush that is designed specifically to massage and cleanse your skin.

A mild numbing topical gel is then applied to the face to assure your comfort during the dermplaning procedure. Our specialist will use a uniquely designed surgical blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and hair. Your freshened skin is now optimally prepared to receive one of the more mild Skinceuticles chemical peels to further enhance your treatment experience and results. The more aggressive peels, like the Advanced Corrective Peel, could traumatize the skin and are not recommended in combination with Dermaplaning. Our gentler peels are ideal in this situation and each has been optimized and formulated for specific skin goals.

We apply a finishing masque, containing a high concentration of active ingredients, to return your skin to the correct pH levels which the previous steps may have changed. Proper pH levels are vital to protect your skin from everyday environmental exposure. The masque is removed with a soothing warm towel and followed immediately by a gentle eye treatment. Our eye creams are designed for your individual skin needs. A lightweight moisturizer or heavier face cream is used to further stimulate or calm the skin as needed.

Many of our patients like to add a cryotherapy treatment after the non-invasive peel to cool, calm and tighten the skin. Our staff is happy to include a mini eye enhancement package that includes eyebrow waxing, shaping, hair removal, and eyelash and brow tinting at your request.

The final and most critical step to your Delux treatment is the application of an appropriate and protective sunscreen. It is imperative following a facial to have quality UVA and UVB sunscreen protection and our office carries a variety of sunscreen protection to suit every lifestyle.

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