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Chemical Peels

LIGHT $75 | MEDIUM $125 | ADVANCED $145

Chemical peels remove the outer epidermis and stimulate the production of new collagen. This improves skin texture, pigmentation and results in a smoother, younger looking appearance. With a wide range of options at our disposal, we tailor each peel to each individual’s skin type, and can address a variety of special concerns or problem areas. The results are significant.

Treatment begins with a gentle of oxygenated steam flowing from a wand above your face. This opens follicles and helps to destroy kill any bacteria in the skin—ideal for acne. A emulsion cleanser is used to rinse the tissue, leaveing the skin exceptionally clean and moisturized for the next steps.

We next apply the specifically selected peel based on skin type and specific goals. The range of options include gentle to aggressive micropeels to improve dull skin and laxity, Gel Peel GL for sun damage and hydration, Gel Peel SM for problem skin and acne, micropeels for sensitive skin, and NeoPeels for general improvement—plus many more!

Then we apply a finishing masque, returning the skin to proper pH levels, and protecting against environmental exposure. This is removed with warm, moistened towel ,and lightweight moisturizer or heavier face cream is applied to stimulate or calm the skin as needed.

It is important to protect freshly exposed skin against UV damage. Our office carries a variety of premium sunscreens for every lifestyle. Our aestheticians will provide you with a final cosmetic consultation, and may provide you with sample products helpful for your skin type.

Would you like to schedule a skin evaluation?

We offer a 30-minute skin evaluation facial to talk about your questions, concerns, goals, and learn if you are a good candidate for a specific product or an advanced procedure. Call (505) 913 4360 to schedule an appointment.