Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

The objective of breast reduction surgery is to decrease the size of the breasts and reshape them in order to make them more proportional to your body size. Breasts proportions become more balanced to the body, which can improve appearance, and the reduction in weight can greatly assist with back and neck issues.Breast reduction surgery is a viable option for individuals whose breasts are too large for their body frame.
Individuals who have neck, back, and shoulder pain will benefit greatly from a reduction in breast size, as the strain will be eased by removal of surplus weight by means of tissue, skin and extra breast fat.
If the size of your breasts is a source of discomfort and embarrassment, then breast reduction may be a good option.
Breasts that are disproportionate (when one is considerably larger than the other) are another reason to consider breast reduction.
Breast reduction surgery can greatly improve quality of life. It can make you more confident in your appearance, and more comfortable in dresses and tops. Another added benefit of breast reduction surgery is the ability to exercise and even breathe more easily. Individuals who opt for surgery often find that once the strain of the extra weight has been removed, they are more comfortable working out.

A consultation will help you determine if you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. The plastic surgeon will need to assess your skin elasticity and have an honest conversation about any concerns and expectations relating to the surgery. The amount of reduction a patient hopes to see in their breasts will be a factor in how the surgery is approached. In addition, breast reduction surgery must be carefully evaluated for women who are planning on breastfeeding in the future.

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