Cellulite Body Wrap


Women and men of all sizes can get cellulite. It occurs when fat collects just below the surface of your skin, giving it a dimpled appearance. Cellulite can become more visible with age, mainly due to the thinning of aging skin.

Cellulite body wraps improve microcirculation, thereby reducing cellulite on legs, thighs, and stomach, leaving your skin smooth, renewed and tightened. At the beginning of the treatment, the body is dry brushed to remove dead skin cells. Then, the cellulite body masque is applied before wrapping the body to increase the core temperature. This provides time for a relaxing facial massage. The body mask is removed gently with warm towels, before we finish the treatment with a body massage, apply a smoothing finishing lotion, and sun protection.

Body wraps exfoliate, cleanse and soften skin. You can compress fat, making body wraps capable of creating a smoother appearance. Reduce the appearance of cellulite over the long-term by combining treatments with cardio exercise, strength training, and a healthy diet.

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