Patient Testimonials


Patient testimonials may not indicate normal results and are the sole opinions of the individuals who wrote them.

“Six years ago Dr. Green did my lipo. I am still thrilled with the results. Now I am having my lips plumped up and I am (once again) thrilled with my results. I feel I look so refreshed! Thanks to Dr. Green and his wonderful staff. P.S. My friends love my new look too!”

“Dr. Green and staff are the best!! I came in with 2 pages of questions and he answered them all before I could even ask one!! I had a breast augmentation and they are perfect!! He gave me exactly what I asked for. My famous quote in recovery was “This was too easy!” The staff was great everyone made me feel very comfortable! I highly recommend Dr. Green, you’ll be very happy with your results. Also he is very realistic with what he can and can’t do and what your results will be.”

“My surgery was so much easier and more comfortable than I feared. No one noticed much difference except to comment on how nice my hair looked, and ask if I had I lost weight.”

“The staff and Dr. James Green are truly the best. Several people tell me that the change in my face looks so good, and that makes me feel good. I will send all my friends your way because you guys are the best!”

“Dr. Green has been terrific—very kind and sympathetic.The staff is totally professional and supportive. They have made me feel good about the procedure. I’m so glad to have chosen this office with ALL the wonderful people here. The best part was no hospital stay. Everyone made us feel confident that we could handle the post-op care. I hated the drains, but understand their importance. I had no idea about the length of recover- but I’m working it- (I didn’t believe your paperwork!) Thank you for the opportunity to feel like a normal person, you are the Best!”

“I had two plastic surgery procedures (a midface lift and lid lift), and I was thoroughly pleased with the results. The entire procedure of undergoing and recovering from the surgery was easier than I expected. I’d recommend Dr. Green to anyone considering plastic surgery. He’s ethical and honest, and pricing is reasonable.”

“Excellent in skill. Happy to come here. Kind staff and physician, communicative and open to all questions and concerns. I am a fan.”

“Dr. Green and his staff are very thoughtful and kind. Every question was answered warmly and completely. This has been a great life choice!”

“I had sort of a long recovery, but I have to say that Dr. Green and staff were so great, and they were the best. They are highly recommended.”

“This being my second implant after a mastectomy 14 years prior. I couldn’t be happier. The difference in look and comfort is remarkable. I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Green’s staff have been extremely helpful and kind and certainly know their jobs.”

“What made the experience of having plastic surgery extremely positive, is the friendly and supportive attitude of Dr. Green. Besides his competency as a surgeon, there is his presence as a compassionate human being.”

“Talking to the anesthesiologist beforehand was helpful, reassuring; in my case, alerting him to my hypoglycemia meant that he made adjustments and I emerged from the surgery feeling fine.”

“I chose Dr. Green for my plastic surgery because he is highly recommended by his colleagues and has a very good reputation among his patients. Before my surgery I was very apprehensive about the procedure, but the confidence and good humor of Dr. Green and his anesthetist Jerry Sandford set me at ease. Dr. Green has been very accommodating to make minor adjustments to guarantee perfect results. He stands behind his work. His staff was very kind and supportive. They prepared me well and gave me good advice for the care before and after the surgery. For me the plastic surgery was a very positive, good experience.”

“I am very happy with my surgery and would recommend Dr. Green and the staff to everyone because of his concern and professional work. I will return to him again for any procedures. As for suggestions to new patients: read about plastic surgery as much as possible, now why you want it and go for it. It is worth every penny. Don’t try to get a “bargain” procedure, pay for the best! It is worthy it!  Take the doctor’s advice.”

“I have had nothing but compliments since Dr Green performed my face lift in May of 2006. I have never regretted my decision of choosing Dr. Green above all others for this procedure.”

“I am very happy with the result of the surgery. I felt very comfortable during the surgery.”

“Be sure to sleep and rest in a recliner or lots of support the first few days. Have someone with you to help and fix meals before surgery. Dr. Green and his staff were great- the procedure was over so fast- no complications- results are fabulous!! Glad I did it!”

“I was very happy with my procedure. I felt that Dr. Green knew a lot and I was completely comfortable with him and his staff. If you decide to have surgery here you won’t regret it. (Breast Augmentation)”

“My experience with Dr. Green and his staff was very positive. My results from my surgery were better than I could have ever expected. I was treated very well. I highly recommend Dr. Green and his staff. I thank all of you and may god bless you!!”

“Dr. Green’s office provided a list of supplements to take prior to surgery, as well as those to avoid. I faithfully followed instructions and I’m glad I did. I didn’t have much bruising or pain, and I’m sure that “doing my homework.” Was a big help.”

“Great Staff
Nice Support
Very pleased.”

“Have faith in Dr. Green and his staff, you will be well cared for.”

“I was pleased with Dr. Green and the staff. They explained the procedure carefully and made sure I understood.”

“I would do it again, definitely. Dr. Green took 15 years off of my face. He did a great job!”

“Everything is good! You folks are great! Will be back in 4 or 5 years maybe.”

“I thought about going through plastic surgery for over 10 years. When I finally met Dr. Green and his staff, I knew I could trust them with my health. Aside from the extensive experience Dr. Green and his staff held, their caring and compassionate nature truly helped me feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Green!”

“I am so pleased with decision to have a tummy tuck. Dr. Green and his staff have been so caring and helpful thru the entire process. Now 2 months out I am feeling better than ever ! I can’t wait to see the results at 6 months. No regrets what so ever!”

“My experience with Dr. Green and his staff was very positive. I was able to follow the instructions about supplements and this helped contribute to my healing. I also did a cleanse 30 days before surgery which helped. Prayer and sound positive, stress-free mind also is beneficial. Thanks and many blessing to Dr. Green and Staff.”

“Don’t be afraid. My procedure involved no pain. Only some mild discomfort, and the great results were well worth it.”

“2nd face lift. No pain, all gain. Very pleased. Treated special.”

“Dr. Green and staff are the best. They all do a great job. I am very happy with my surgery, I had upper eye lids and nose surgery and I love it. I’m so happy and the eye lids that I’m bringing my mother next summer to have her’s done.”

“Attentive staff, fabulous results! What more could I ask for?”

“Dr. Green is very professional and does a wonderful job. His staff is also amazing and very helpful! I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery.”

“I had a great experience. Was and am extremely pleased with the results.”

“I’m really happy with my results! No regrets!”

“Can’t think of anything to suggest, better can’t be more “pro-responsive” had the answers before I had the questions, what a great comforting team.”

“This was my first experience with Cos. Surgery. I had upper lids, lower face and neck lifts and chemical peel. Even early after surgery I could already tell I’d be happy. 5 months later now, Wow! Thanks Doc!!”

“From start to finish Dr. Green and the staff were professional and caring. The results are wonderful.”

“Dr. Green did a great job with my surgery. I never had a problem with the recovery period and I feel great. I am more proportioned now and I feel like my breasts have always been this way. They are a part of me and I love them.”

“You can trust Dr. Green—he’s one of the Good Guys. He operated on my breasts and I’m more than happy with the results (and I’m a nurse).”